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Lawyers with a heart for equity and their fingers on the beat of business in Zimbabwe.

Practice Areas

Commercial, Corporate and Banking Law

In the world of commerce, it is a prerequisite that firms with expertise and in depth knowledge be engaged.

Deceased Estates, Estate Planning

Death is inevitable! When it happens, your estate needs to be administered and wound up.

Employment and Labour Law

Labour and Employment Law is topical and developing in Zimbabwe. Our team is cognizant in all of these developments.

Conveyancing and Notarial

We believe in helping our clients in getting title to their properties as soon as the agreements of sale or other agreements vesting them with ownership are completed.

Family, Women and Gender Law

Our firm believe in bridging gender disparities through the legal system and therefore we have lawyers that solely focus on gender issues with a bias on women issues,

Intellectual Property and Copyrights

We provide a wide range of intellectual property (IP) law services including the following:

Human Rights and Criminal Law 

Our criminal law department is available to help clients who would have been involved in matters that fall within the purview of criminal law.

More About Us

At Caleb Mucheche Law Chambers, we’re a team of professional legal representatives who strongly believe in treating each client with integrity and respect. Given this philosophy, it’s no surprise that the majority of our clients initially walked through our doors as referrals from existing clients.

What clients say about us

When I searched for an attorney to help my parents with their car accident case, I wound up with Caleb Mucheche and Partners Law Chambers. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Albert James
I was very pleased with the skill and expertise exhibited by Caleb Mucheche and Partners Law Chambers when they assisted me with a personal legal matter. They did an exceptional job.
m. goshamo
I was very pleased that the Lawyers provided smooth services. They are doing an exceptional job working with our case. Thank you, Caleb, you have been very helpful.
t. pasi

Our Core Values


Our Vision

To be the leaders in the provision of equality and cost effective legal services in the market and excellence is our hallmark.

Our Mission

To provide inspired world class legal services to all our clients present or future and doing justice with compassion based on the above values.

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