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Practice Areas

Commercial, Corporate and Banking Law

In the world of commerce, it is a prerequisite that corporates  engage legal experts for advice. Our firm has an extensive combined wealth of experience in this area with multiple experienced lawyers. Our firm provides the following services among others –

Deceased Estates, Estate Planning

Death is inevitable! When it happens, your estate needs to be collected and managed. Estate administration involves gathering the assets of the estate, paying the deceased’s debts, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries. Without a basic understanding of the estate administration process, the whole experience can be pretty overwhelming at a time one is dealing with death.
Caleb Mucheche and Partners Law Chambers is dedicated to over the following services in this department:

Employment and Labour Law

Labour still remains one of the developing areas in the legal history of our country with numerous changes in the legislation.  Our team has been cognizant of these developments.
Our firm represents clients in a full array of employment-related matters including Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Employment Contracts, Handbooks & Policies, Disciplinary & Grievance Handling Procedures, Collective Law Negotiations with Unions & Employer Representatives, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Retrenchments, Wrongful Terminations & Dismissals, Tribunal & Labour Court matters and Training Management on How to Identify & Avoid Disputes.
We have the requisite experience to handle all employment-related disputes. The firm also advises employers on compliance issues thereby assisting businesses to ensure that their employment-related practices are compliant with applicable law.

Conveyancing and Notarial

We believe in helping our clients in getting title to their properties as soon as the agreements of sale or other agreements vesting them with ownership are completed. Our conveyancing department is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help our clients in getting the best service. We believe in utmost professionalism and diligence in the handling of same. Our Notarial department is readily available to assist you with the drafting of the legal documents which include but not limited to Deeds of Trust, Wills, Pre-Nuptial Contracts and Post-Nuptial Contracts among other documents. Our clients benefit from the vast experience that has been acquired by the firm in handling matters of this nature.

Family, Women and Gender Law

Our firm believe in bridging gender disparities through the legal system and therefore we have lawyers that solely focus on gender issues with a bias on women issues, divorces, maintenance and custody issues. 

Intellectual Property and Copyrights

We provide a wide range of Intellectual Property (IP) law services including the following:

Human Rights and Criminal Law 

Our criminal law department is available to help clients who would have been involved in matters that fall within the purview of criminal law. Our firm believes in the justice system that acquits the innocent.